Sustainability & Environment

Equis Bioenergy is strongly committed to protecting the natural environment and reducing CO2 emissions that cause global warming and climate change. Our aim is to build own and operate biomass power plants to increase the share of electricity generated from renewable sources.

Biomass power
Power generation using biomass is renewable and produces no net CO2 emissions. When trees cut and processed for fuel, new trees are planted in their place. The energy in biomass fuel is solar energy stored chemically by the natural process of photosynthesis. Wood pellets are made from renewable resource timber such as trimmed branches from plantation forest growth, bark from sawmills, sawdust, edge material, etc.

FSC certification

Biomass power plants that burn wood products (pellets or chips) as fuel need to ensure the sustainability of the wood supply to confirm that electricity generated is truly renewable, to comply with METI renewable energy regulations. The main international standard for sustainable certification of biomass fuel wood supplies is the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Forest Management certification. Learn more about FSC certification here. Biomass wood fuel used by Equis Bioenergy power plants will have FSC certification.

ISO 140001
ISO140001 is the international standard for environmental management of business operations. ISO140001 certification of an organisation gives assurance to the community, employees, and company management that environmental impact is being measured and improved. Learn more about ISO140001 here. Power plants developed by Equis Bioenergy will be certified to ISO 140001 in operation.