Introducing our community support activities
Equis Bioenergy and our related group companies Equis Energy, Nippon Renewable Energy and Nippon Wind Energy are committed the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to supporting our local communities. Here are some examples:


Great Forest Wall Project Fukushima 2014
Donation to Local Kendo Tournament Aomori 2014
NRE Solar Scholarship to Ms. Nodoka Koyama Aomori Jan-2015
Sponsorship for Shichinohe High School Kendo tournament Aomori Jun-2015
NRE Solar School (Donation of solar system to Shichinohe Junior High School) Aomori Nov-2015
Sponsorship of Shichinohe Town Council for its 10th reunion anniversary event (Fireworks) Aomori Aug-2015
Sponsorship for Aomori Nebuta festival (cultural activities) Aomori Aug-2015
Donation to Ibaraki Disaster Relief (for typhoon disaster areas) Ibaraki Sep-2015
Donation and support for Sannan city half-marathon Hyogo Nov-2015
Donation to Aoba Gakuen orphanage in Fukushima Fukushima Nov-2015
Donation to Tamba city Mitsuzuka marathon Hyogo Jan-2016
Donation of Kunimi Solar Street Lights to Kunimi city Fukushima Feb-2016
Sponsorship of Japan Collegiate Ski Association Tokyo Feb-2016
Development and construction of second NRE Solar School in Shichinohe Aomori Complete in 2017